Psalm 52:1-9

Cruel words

52:1King Saul was trying to kill David. David and his men ran away from Saul. Doeg told Saul where he could find David. See 1 Samuel 21:7.

1 Strong man, why are you so proud

about the evil things that you like to do?

Remember that God's faithful love keeps me safe.

2 Your tongue is like a sharp knife!

You talk about how to hurt other people,

You speak nothing but lies.

3 You love to do evil things,

not good things.

You love to tell lies

more than the truth.


4 You love to say cruel words.

You speak to deceive others.

5 But God will knock you down,

and he will break you into pieces.

He will take you away from your home.

He will remove you from this world where people live.


6 Righteous people will see what has happened,

and they will be afraid.

52:6When God does a powerful thing, it often makes us afraid. But when we begin to understand what he has done, we are happy! We know that God always does what is right.

Then they will laugh at the wicked person,

and they will say,

7 ‘Look! This man did not trust God to keep him safe.

Instead, he trusted in his riches.

He thought that he could be cruel,

and that would keep him safe.’

8 But I am like a strong olive tree

that grows in the house of God.

I will always trust in God's faithful love for his people.

9 I will always praise you, God,

for what you have done.

I will trust you to help me,

together with all those who serve you.