Psalm 4:1-8

An evening song

1 God, please answer me when I call aloud for help.

You are the one who shows that I am right.

Help me in my trouble.

Show me that you are kind.

Listen to me when I pray.

2 Tell me this, you people:

How long will you refuse to respect me?

How long will you love stupid ideas?

How long will you agree with lies?


3 The Lord is very kind to those who serve him.

He has chosen them to belong to himself.

So he listens when I pray to him.

4 Shake with fear and stop doing wrong things!

Lie on your bed and think quietly about your life.


5 Offer the right sacrifices to the Lord.

Continue to trust in him.

6 Many people say, ‘Will anyone do a good thing for us?’

Lord, let your face smile on us.

7 You have made me very happy.

I am happier than anyone who has lots of food and wine.

8 I will lie down and I will sleep in peace.

You, Lord, are the one who takes care of me,

and you keep me safe.