Psalm 47

The sons of Korah wrote this psalm for the music leader.

God rules the earth!

1 People from every nation,

clap your hands together.

Shout aloud to God,

with the sound of happy songs.

2 The Lord, the Most High God, is wonderful.

He is the great King

who rules over the whole earth.

3 He has won the battle against our enemies,

and those nations are now under our power.

4 He chose a special land to belong to us.

Jacob's descendants are proud of that land.

They are his own people that he loves.


5 God has gone up to sit on his throne,

while the people shout aloud.

The Lord has gone up there,

while the trumpets make a loud noise.

6 Sing to praise God! Yes, sing!

Sing to praise our king! Sing!

7 God is the King who rules over the whole earth!

So sing a special song to praise him!

8 God rules over the nations.

God is sitting on his holy throne.

9 The leaders of the nations have met together.

They have joined with the people who serve Abraham's God.

47:9People from all nations, who are not descendants of Abraham, have joined with the Israelites to worship God.

God has authority over all the world's rulers

and their armies.

Everyone should praise him,

for he is great!