Psalm 43:1-5

A prayer when you are in trouble

43:1Bible students think that Psalm 43 continues from Psalm 42 as one psalm.

1 My God, show that I am not guilty.

Make the people who do not respect you

know that I am right.

Rescue me from the evil people

who tell lies about me.

2 God, you are the safe place where I can hide.

Why have you pushed me away?

How much longer must I continue to weep,

because my enemies do cruel things to me?

3 Send to me your light and your truth.

Let them be my guide.

They will take me back to your holy mountain

and to the house where you live.

43:3The writer prays for God to send light and truth. He believes that they will show him the way to go back to Jerusalem. That is where the holy mountain and the house of God are. The holy mountain is Mount Zion, where the temple was.

4 Then I will go to your altar,

to worship you, the God who makes me happy.

You are my God and I will praise you there.

I will sing to thank you, God, with my harp.

5 I ask myself,

‘Why am I so sad and upset?’

I must wait patiently for God to help me.

Then I will praise my God once again,

because he is the one who saves me.