Psalm 4

This is a song that David wrote.

Tell the music leader to use stringed instruments.

An Evening Song

4:1Sometimes, when we lie down to sleep, our mind has troubles. But God gives us peace in our minds. We do not need to feel afraid deep down inside us.

1 God, please answer me when I call aloud for help.

You are the one who shows that I am right.

Help me in my troubles.

Show me that you are kind.

Listen to me when I pray.

2 Tell me this, you people:

How long will you refuse to respect me?

How long will you love stupid ideas?

How long will you agree with lies?


3 The Lord is very kind to those who serve him.

He has chosen them to belong to himself.

So he listens when I pray to him.

4 Be very afraid and do nothing wrong.

4:4Be very afraid and do nothing wrong Or Be angry but do nothing wrong.

Lie on your bed and think about these things.

Be sad about the bad way that you live.


5 Offer the right sacrifices to the Lord.

Continue to trust in him.

6 Many people say, ‘Will anyone do a good thing for us?’

Lord, let your face smile on us.

7 You have made me very happy.

I am happier than anyone who has lots of food and wine.

8 I will lie down and I will sleep in peace.

You, Lord, are the one who takes care of me,

and you keep me safe.