Psalm 4

4:0Absalom was one of King David's sons. He tried to kill David because he wanted to become king. David ran away. One evening, David prayed to God, ‘Show my enemies that you are fighting for me.’ God answered David and made him very happy. David slept in peace. The peace that God gives means that we do not feel afraid deep down inside us.

An Evening Song

Tell the music leader to use stringed instruments.

This is a song of David.

1 Answer me when I shout for help, O God.

You are the God that makes me righteous.

Give me help in my troubles.

Show me that you are kind.

Listen to me when I pray.

2 Sons of man:

· how long will you say that I am bad?

· how long will you love stupid ideas?

· how long will you want to hear lies?


4:2Verses 1-2: DAVID PRAYS TO GOD. David was a good man. This did not make him righteous. Only God can make someone righteous. David asked God for help. ‘Listen to me’ in Hebrew means ‘answer me.’ David told God what he (David) wanted to say to his enemies. He really wanted God to tell them. David wanted to say to them, ‘You cannot win.’ This is because the enemies of David were fighting God. Their stupid ideas were that they wanted David dead and that they wanted Absalom to become king.

3 Sons of man:

· the LORD has chosen me

· the LORD has made me separate for himself

· the LORD will listen when I pray to him.

4 Get angry – but do nothing wrong. Go to bed.

Argue with yourself – but say nothing aloud.


4:4Verses 3-4: IN HIS MIND, DAVID TALKS TO HIS ENEMIES. David gives more reasons why his enemies cannot win:

– The LORD chose David as king

– The LORD did not choose Absalom

– The LORD made David different from his enemies

– The LORD will listen to David and answer him

This will make the enemies of David angry. They must do nothing wrong, though. They can argue in their thoughts. They must not speak their ideas aloud.

5 Offer the right gifts and believe in the LORD.

6 Many people say, ‘Who will do anything good for us?’

LORD, shine the light of your face on us.

7 You have made me feel happy deep down inside me.

I feel better than I do at a harvest party.

8 I will lie down in peace. Soon I will sleep.

This is because only you, LORD, keep me safe.

4:8Verses 5-8: GOD GIVES DAVID JOY. ‘Offer the right gifts’ means ‘kill animals on the temple altar.’ A part of the Bible called Leviticus tells us what they are. It also means offer bread and wine. Christians do not do that now. They offer themselves to become the servants of God. Many people still say, ‘Who will do anything good or us?’ Our answer is the same as the answer of David: the LORD. He will shine the light of his face on them. This can mean many things. One is that the LORD will give help to poor people.