Psalm 38

David wrote this song to ask God not to forget him.

Lord, please remember me

38:1David asks God to keep him safe from his enemies. David knows that he has done bad things. He tells God that he is sorry. He asks God to forgive him and not to turn away from him.

1 Lord, when you are angry,

please do not punish me.

2 You have shot your arrows deep into me.

You have knocked me down with your hand.

38:2David knew that God was sending troubles to him. He said that God was like a soldier who was shooting arrows at him.

3 Your punishment has made my whole body ill.

My health has gone, because of my sin.

38:3Here David tells us that his sin made God angry.

4 My sin is too much for me!

It is like a heavy weight,

that I cannot carry.

5 My wounds make a bad smell,

and they get worse.

This is because I have done stupid things.

6 My body is bent down to the ground.

Every day I weep because I am so sad.

38:6David could not even walk properly. He felt that his sin was so heavy that it bent him down.

7 I burn with pain,

and my whole body is ill.

8 I am very tired and weak.

I am so upset and afraid that I cry aloud.

9 Lord, you already know what I want most.

You hear me when I cry with pain.

10 My heart beats very fast,

and my strength is leaving me.

Even my eyes can no longer see properly.

11 My family and my friends stay away from me,

because I am so ill.

They do not come near to me.

12 My enemies prepare traps,

because they want to kill me.

They talk about ways to destroy me.

They want to hurt me,

so they talk about that all through the day.

13 But I am like a deaf man who hears nothing.

I am like a dumb man who says nothing.

14 So, I live like a man who cannot hear what they say.

I refuse to argue against them.

15 But Lord, I wait for you to help me!

I believe that you will answer me, Lord my God.

16 I pray that my enemies will not laugh at me.

If I slip and fall down,

they will be very happy!

17 For I will soon fall,

and I have nothing but pain all the time.

18 But I agree that I have done wrong things.

My sin is a trouble to me.

38:18David is not afraid to say that he has not always obeyed God.

19 I have many enemies, and they are strong.

They have no reason to hate me.

20 When I do good things,

they pay me back with evil things!

I try to do what is right,

and they turn against me.

21 Lord, please do not leave me alone.

Do not stay far away from me, my God!

22 My Lord, you are the one who can save me,

so come quickly to help me!