Psalm 36:1-12

A message from God

1 A wicked person turns against God completely.

He does not respect God.

2 He is too proud to think about his sin,

so he does not hate it.

3 He speaks wicked things to deceive people.

He does nothing that is wise or good.

4 While he lies on his bed at night,

he thinks about bad things that he can do.

He lives only to do things that are not good.

He does not turn away from evil things.

5 Lord your faithful love reaches as high as the sky.

People can trust you beyond the clouds.

6 Your justice is like the strongest mountains.

You always do what is right,

more than the seas are deep.

36:6The sky, the clouds, the mountains and the seas are all bigger than we can understand. But God is much greater than all these things that he has made.

You take care of people and animals

and you keep them safe.

7 God, your faithful love has great value!

You keep all humans safe,

like birds protect their babies under their wings.

8 You have plenty of food in your house,

to give them all that they need.

You give them water from your river,

that makes them happy when they drink it.

9 Yes, you are the one who gives us light and life.

10 Continue to love those who serve you as your people.

Let good, honest people receive your justice.

11 Do not let proud people hurt me.

Do not let evil people chase me away from home.

12 Now I see that those wicked people have fallen down!

They are lying there on the ground,

and they cannot get up again!