Psalm 34:1-22

God is great!

34:1Psalm 34 is an alphabet psalm. There are 22 verses in it. Each verse begins with a letter of the Hebrew alphabet.

1 I will always praise the Lord.

All the time I will sing to praise him.

2 I will boast that the Lord is great!

I want weak people to hear that.

I want them to be happy!

3 Join with me to tell people that the Lord is great!

Together we will make his name famous.

4 I asked the Lord to help me,

and he answered me.

He saved me from everything that made me afraid.

5 People who trust the Lord to help them

will be very happy.

Their faces will be bright,

and they will not be ashamed.

6 I was weak and helpless,

so I called out to the Lord.

The Lord heard me.

He saved me from all my troubles.

7 The Lord's angel is very near

to people who respect and obey the Lord.

He keeps them safe from danger.

8 Taste and see that the Lord is good!

God blesses people who turn to him

to keep them safe.

9 All you people who belong to the Lord,

continue to obey him.

People who respect the Lord

will have the things that they need.

10 Even young lions may not have food,

so that they become hungry.

But people who trust the Lord for help

will receive every good thing that they need.

11 Children, come and listen to me!

I will teach you how to respect the Lord.

12 Do you want to live a good life?

Do you want your life to be long and happy?

13 If so, do not speak any evil words.

Do not tell lies to deceive people.

14 Do good things instead of evil things.

Try to bring peace into people's lives.

15 The Lord watches over righteous people.

He hears them when they call to him for help.

16 But the Lord turns against people who do evil things.

He causes everybody to forget that they ever lived.

17 The Lord hears his righteous people

when they call for help.

He saves them from all their troubles.

18 When people are upset,

the Lord is near to them.

He saves those who feel very weak and upset.

19 Righteous people may often have troubles,

but the Lord saves them from every danger.

20 The Lord keeps them safe.

Not even one of their bones is broken!

21 Evil things will return to kill wicked people.

Whoever hates God's own people

will receive punishment.

22 The Lord saves the lives of his servants.

Everyone who trusts the Lord to keep them safe

will not receive punishment as a guilty person.