Psalm 33:1-22

Praise the Lord!

33:1We should praise the Lord because he is the one who made the whole universe. He also takes care of everyone who respects him and worships him. They are the Lord's special people. He loves them with his faithful love.

1 You righteous people,

sing to praise the Lord,

and be happy!

It is right for good, honest people to do that.

2 Pick up your harp

and praise the Lord!

Make music for him

with a lyre that has ten strings.

3 Sing to him a new song!

Make beautiful music,

as you sing aloud to praise him.

4 Yes! The Lord's message is true.

We can always trust him to do what is right.

5 He loves everything that is right and fair.

The world is full of his faithful love.

6 The word of the Lord made the heavens.

When he spoke,

all the stars in the sky appeared.

7 He put the water of the sea together in a heap.

He made the deep seas stay in their right places.

8 Everyone who lives on the earth should respect the Lord.

They should bend down to worship him.

9 The Lord spoke,

and the world began!

He spoke his command,

and everything became fixed in its place.

33:9God made everything by his word. See Genesis 1.

10 Nations decide what they want to do,

but the Lord causes their plans to be useless.

11 But whatever the Lord decides to do

will always happen.

His thoughts will not change

from one century to the next.

12 The Lord blesses the nation

that has him as their God.

He has chosen them to belong to him,

as his own special people.

13 The Lord looks down from heaven.

He sees every man, woman and child.

14 From the place where he lives,

he watches everyone that lives on the earth.

15 He made each person and all their thoughts.

He knows everything that they do.

16 A great army will not save their king.

A soldier does not stay alive because he is strong.

17 In war, do not hope that even a strong horse will help you to win.

You can not trust it to save you.

18 Remember, the Lord takes care of people who respect him.

Those people trust him for his faithful love.

19 They trust him to keep them safe from death,

and to keep them alive during a time of famine.

20 Yes! We will trust the Lord to come and help us.

He is our helper who keeps us safe,

like a soldier's shield.

21 We are happy because he loves us.

We trust in his holy name.

22 Lord, help us to know your faithful love,

because we are trusting in you.