Psalm 32:1-11

Tell God about your sins

32:1This psalm helps us to tell God when we have done something that is wrong. God already knows about it, but he will not forgive us until we show him that we are sorry. David knew that he had done bad things that did not please God. When he knew that God had forgiven him, he could be happy again. There are other Psalms which say ‘sorry’ to God. See Psalm 38; 51; 102; 130; 143.

1 When God has forgiven someone's sins,

they are truly happy!

They may have turned against God,

but when God forgives them, they are happy.

2 They may have done something bad,

but when the Lord says, ‘Not guilty!’,

he has truly blessed them.

They are happy because they no longer try to hide their sins.

3 When I said nothing to God about my sin,

my whole body became weak.

I cried all the time because of the pain.

4 In the day and in the night,

you punished me very much.

It seemed as if the hot sun was taking away my strength.


5 Then I told you about my sins.

I did not try to hide the bad things that I had done.

I said, ‘I will tell the Lord

about the things that I have done against him.’

When I did that, you forgave my sins.


6 Because of this, all your own people should pray to you.

They should pray while they still have the chance.

32:6‘while they still have the chance’ or ‘when they know about their sin’.

Then, when danger comes to them like a river of deep water,

they will still be safe.

7 Yes, Lord, you are a place where I can hide.

You will keep me safe from trouble.

I will hear happy songs all around me,

because you save your people from danger.


8 I will teach you the right way to live.

I will be your guide

and I will take care of you.

32:8These are God's words. He is promising to take care of David.

9 Do not be like a silly horse, or a mule.

You have to use a rope to show them which way to go.

Without that, they will not obey you.

10 Wicked people will receive a lot of trouble and pain.

But if anyone trusts in the Lord,

they will know that God always loves them.

11 So all you people who belong to the Lord,

praise him and be happy!

All of you who are good, honest people,

shout aloud because you are so happy!