Psalm 31

31:0When David's enemies are ready to attack him, he calls to the Lord for help. We read his prayer in Psalm 31:1-18. In the second part of the psalm, we see that God answered David's prayer (Psalm 31:19-24).

This is a song that David wrote for the music leader.

Lord, please help me!

1 Lord, I have come to you to keep me safe.

Never let me become ashamed.

You always do what is right

so please save me!

2 Listen to me,

and quickly send help to me.

Lord, be a rock where I can hide.

Be a strong place to keep me safe.

3 You are my high rock and my strong place.

Because of your good name,

lead me and be my guide.

31:3God's ‘good name’ means what people know about who he is.

4 You are the place where I can hide,

so keep me safe.

Do not let my enemies' traps catch me.

5 I put my life into your hands.

I know that you will save me, Lord,

because you are a God that I can trust.

6 I hate people who worship useless idols.

As for me, I trust in the Lord.

7 I am very happy because of your faithful love.

You see when I suffer.

You know when I am very upset.

8 You have not put me under the power of my enemies.

You have led me into an open place,

where I can be safe.

9 Lord, I am very upset,

so please be kind to me.

My eyes are tired because I weep so much.

My whole body has become very weak.

10 I am near to death, because I am so sad.

I am crying with pain as my life comes to an end.

I have so much trouble

that I have no strength at all.

Even my bones have become weak.

11 All my enemies hate me.

My friends insult me.

Everyone who knows me is afraid of me.

They run away when they see me in the street.

12 Everybody has forgotten about me.

I might as well be dead!

They think that I am useless,

like a broken plate.

13 I hear what many people are saying against me.

News from everywhere makes me afraid.

They are deciding together

how to kill me.

14 But I continue to trust you, Lord.

I say, ‘You are my God!’

31:14David was very afraid. As a result, he became ill. He even thought that he would soon die. But David still trusted in the Lord.

15 You are the one who decides

what will happen to me in my whole life.

Save me from the power of my enemies

and from the people who want to catch me.

16 Turn towards me, your servant,

and be kind to me!

Keep me safe,

because of your faithful love.

17 Lord, do not let me become ashamed.

I call to you for help.

Cause evil people to become ashamed.

Let them go to their graves

and be silent there!

18 May people that tell lies become silent.

They insult righteous people.

They are proud people,

and they boast about themselves.

19 You have prepared many good things

to bless people who respect you.

While everyone watches,

you bless those who come to you for help.

20 You give them a place to hide,

and you keep them safe with you.

When their enemies want to attack them,

you take care of them.

When their enemies speak lies against them,

they are safe with you.

21 Praise the Lord!

When my enemies were all around me,

he showed me that his faithful love is very great.

22 When I was afraid, I said,

‘God is no longer with me!’

But I spoke too soon.

When I called to you for help,

you heard me and you answered me.

23 Love the Lord, all you people who belong to him!

If people serve the Lord faithfully,

he keeps them safe.

But if people are proud,

he punishes them as they deserve.

24 All you people who trust the Lord to help you,

you should be strong and very brave!