Psalm 30:1-12

Thank you, Lord

30:1In this psalm, David thanks God for taking care of him. Sometimes David had trouble. He thought that he would die. But when he asked God for help, God was very kind to him. Then David remembered to thank God. He tells other people to praise God too. We can all use Psalm 30 when God answers our prayers.

1 Lord, I will praise you,

because you have saved me from death.

You have not let my enemies laugh at me.

2 Lord, my God, I called to you for help,

and you have made me well again.

3 Lord, you pulled me up

out of the deep hole of death.

You saved me

from among those who are going into the grave.

4 Sing to the Lord,

you people who trust him.

Praise his holy name.

5 His anger continues only for a moment,

but he is kind to us for our whole life.

You may be sad all through the night,

but in the morning, you will be happy again.

30:5David was very ill. He thought that he would soon die. He prayed to God. God made him well again. So he asks everyone that believes in God to praise God with him. God was angry only for a short time.

6 When I was feeling safe and strong,

I thought, ‘Nothing can ever destroy me.’

7 But Lord, it was you who made my kingdom strong,

because you are so kind.

But then you turned away from me,

and I became very afraid.

30:7David thought that he had made himself safe. God showed David that this was not true. It was only God that made David safe and strong.

8 I called to you for help, Lord.

I asked you to be kind to me, my Lord.

9 If I go down into the deep hole of death,

that will not help you!

My dead body cannot praise you there!

It cannot tell people to trust you!

10 Lord, please listen to me!

Please be kind to me!

Lord, please be my helper!

11 Now you have caused me to stop crying,

so that I dance instead!

I do not need to wear sackcloth,

because I am no longer sad.

Instead, you have made me very happy.

30:11David is now happy again. He does not need to wear rough clothes (sackcloth) any more. People wore sackcloth to show that they were very sad.

12 So I am truly happy and I will sing to praise you.

I cannot stay quiet!

Lord, my God,

I will continue to thank you for ever.