Psalm 3

This is a song that David wrote when he ran away from his son, Absalom.

3:0Absalom was a son of King David. Absalom wanted to become king so he attacked David. David ran away to a safe place. But David asked God for help. Later, David became king again and Absalom died. See 2 Samuel15—19.

A morning song

1 Lord, every day I have more enemies.

Many people fight against me.

2 They say about me,

‘God will not save him.’


3 But Lord, you are like a shield for me.

3:3David prayed. He asked the Lord to keep him safe like a shield over him.

You are the one who makes me great.

You lift my head up high.

4 I called aloud to the Lord.

He answered me from his holy mountain.


5 I lie down and I sleep.

Then I wake up, because the Lord takes care of me.

6 Even if 10,000 enemies are all round me to attack me,

I will not be afraid of them.

7 Lord, stand up! My God, save me from my enemies!

Hit all my enemies in the face.

Break the teeth of those bad people.

8 Lord, it is you that saves us.

You bless your people.