Psalm 29:1-11

The storm

29:1David saw a great storm, and this showed him the power of God. He saw the lightning and he heard the thunder. The storm came from the Mediterranean Sea to the mountains of Lebanon. It went from there to Hermon mountain, then down south to the Kadesh desert.

1 All you angels in heaven,

say how great the Lord is!

Say that the Lord rules with power!

2 Say that the Lord's name is great!

Worship the Lord for who he is,

and remember that he is holy.

3 The voice of the Lord shouts over the water.

The God of glory makes the noise of thunder.

The Lord appears over the great sea.

29:3The great sea was probably the Mediterranean Sea.

4 The Lord's voice is powerful.

It has the authority of a king!

5 When the Lord shouts,

even the cedar trees break!

Yes! The Lord breaks the great cedar trees of Lebanon.

29:5Lebanon was famous for cedar trees. They were very big trees.

6 He makes Lebanon jump like a calf.

He causes Hermon mountain to shake

like a young bull jumps.

7 The Lord's voice makes fire

like lightning in the sky.

8 When the Lord shouts,

the desert shakes!

He makes the Kadesh desert shake!

9 When the Lord shouts,

the big oak trees bend over.

The leaves fall off all the trees in the forests.

But in his temple,

everyone says, ‘He is great!’

10 The Lord rules as king over the deep waters.

29:10‘the deep waters’ probably mean the flood that God sent to destroy people in Noah's time. See Genesis 6.

The Lord will be king for ever.

11 The Lord makes his people strong.

The Lord blesses his people with peace.