Psalm 25:1-22

A prayer for help in trouble

25:1This psalm is an alphabet psalm, like Psalms 9 and 10. Verse 1 begins with the first letter of the Hebrew alphabet. Verse 2 begins with the second letter and so on. There are 22 letters in the Hebrew alphabet but this psalm misses out the letter q. Verse 22 is separate from the alphabet verses.

1 Lord, I offer myself to you.

2 I trust in you, my God.

Please do not let me be ashamed.

Do not let my enemies laugh at me,

because they are stronger than me.

3 Surely nobody who trusts in you

will become ashamed.

No! It is those who like to deceive others

who will become ashamed.

4 Lord, help me to understand your ways.

Teach me your paths.

25:4God's ways and his paths are the right way for us to live. God teaches us how we should live in a good way. He is our guide.

5 Please be my guide and teach me your truth.

I trust you every day,

because you are the God who keeps me safe.

6 Lord, please show your love and your mercy.

From long ago you have always been like that.

7 Do not punish me for the sins that I did when I was young,

I turned against you.

Please forgive me!

Lord, remember your faithful love for your people.

Please be kind to me!

8 The Lord is good and he does what is right.

Because of that, he teaches sinners the right way to live.

9 He is a guide for humble people,

so that they know what is right.

He will teach them to follow his way.

10 The Lord is kind to his people

in everything that he does.

He shows his faithful love

to those who obey the rules of his covenant.

11 Lord, my sins are very many.

Please forgive me,

and show that your name is great.

12 If anyone respects the Lord,

the Lord will show that person the right way to live.

13 People like that will have a good life.

The land will belong to their descendants.

14 The Lord is a guide for those who serve him.

He teaches them to obey his covenant.

15 I always look up to the Lord for help.

He will keep me safe from my enemies,

so that their traps do not catch me.

16 Please turn towards me, Lord,

and be kind to me.

I feel very weak and lonely.

17 I worry a lot about my troubles.

Please take me away from them to a safe place.

18 Look at all my trouble and my pain!

Forgive me for all my sins.

19 Look at all my enemies!

There are so many of them!

They hate me very much,

and they want to hurt me.

20 Keep my life safe and take care of me.

I have come to you to keep me safe,

so do not let me be ashamed.

21 I trust you to save me.

Please take care of me,

because I am honest and good.

22 God, save Israel's people from all their troubles!