Psalm 24

24:0David was king of the Jews. His capital city was Jerusalem. It was a very old city. Everything in it was very old. David brought the Covenant Box into Jerusalem. He wrote a special psalm. The Jews sang it as the ark came into Jerusalem. It was Psalm 24. See 2 Samuel 6:12-17.

Who is the King of Glory?

This is a song that David wrote.

1 The earth belongs to the Lord.

Everything in it is his own.

The world belongs to the Lord.

Everybody in it is his own.

2 The Lord built it on the seas.

He founded it on the waters.

24:2Verses 1-2: This means that God owns everything. This is because God made everything. First he made the seas. Then he made the dry land. In verse 2, the word ‘it’ means the dry land. The waters are seas and rivers.

3 Who can go up the hill of the Lord?

Who can stand in his holy place?

4 The person that has clean hands and a pure heart.

The person that does not worship idols.

The person that does not believe in lies.

24:4In verse 4, ‘clean hands and a pure heart’ means righteous. It means God has forgiven these people. We explain ‘forgive’ in Psalm 1. Our hearts are inside us. Only God sees inside us. Only he knows if we are clean inside.

5 The Lord will do good things to those people.

God will save them. He will say that they are right.

6 They are the people that are looking for God.

They want to see the face of the God of Jacob.


24:6Verses 3-6: In verse 3, the hill of the Lord is Zion. It was a hill in Jerusalem. Solomon built the temple on it. He did this after David died. The holy place was the tent with the Covenant Box in it. Later it became the temple.

7 Lift up your heads you gates of the city.

Lift up your very old doors.

Then the king of glory will come in.

8 Who is the king of glory?

The Lord that is strong and mighty.

The Lord that is powerful in war.

9 Lift up your heads you gates of the city.

Lift up its very old doors.

Then the king of glory will come in.

10 Who is the king of glory?

The Lord of Many Armies.

He is the king of glory!


24:10Verses 7-10: When the Jews brought the Covenant Box into Jerusalem, they believed that God came in with it. God was so great that they told the gates, ‘Lift up your heads.’ This means, ‘God is great. He cannot get under you. You must make more room.’ The head of the gate or door is its top. The doors were very old. Jerusalem was a city long before David came. Many kings had lived there. They were not kings of the Jews.

The Jews believed that God was their king. They believed that he went everywhere with the ark. They carried the ark through the gates. This was a picture to the Jews. It was a picture of God as king of Jerusalem. The psalm calls God ‘the king of glory’ 4 times. God had special servants. The Jews called them priests. The priests shouted, ‘Who is the king of glory?’ All the people answered, ‘The Lord!’