Psalm 23

This is a song that David wrote.

God takes care of his people

23:1As a young man, David was a shepherd. He knew that God would take care of him, like a shepherd takes care of his sheep.

1 The Lord takes care of me,

like a shepherd with his sheep.

I have everything that I need.

2 He takes me to green fields where I can rest.

He leads me to streams of water where I can drink.

3 He gives me new strength in my life.

He is my guide to the right paths.

He does this to give honour to his name.

4 I may walk through a valley that is as dark as death.

But I will not be afraid of any danger.

This is because you are with me, Lord.

Your stick and your shepherd's pole protect me from danger.

5 You prepare a big meal for me while my enemies watch.

You put olive oil on my head.

You bless me so much that my cup is completely full.

6 I am sure that you will always be good to me.

You will love me all the days of my life.

That will never change.

I will live in the Lord's house for as long as I live.