Psalm 22:1-31

Please help me, God!

1 My God!

My God, why have you left me alone?

Why is my help far away?

I am crying out in great pain!

2 My God!

I call out to you for help every day,

all day and all night!

But you do not answer me,

so I cannot sleep.

3 I know that you are the Holy God.

You sit on your throne as king,

and Israel's people praise you.

4 Our ancestors trusted in you.

When they trusted you, you saved them.

5 They called to you and you saved them.

They trusted in you,

and you did not disappoint them.

22:5David thinks that God has forgotten him. But David remembered that God had helped his ancestors. So David does not understand why God has not helped him.

6 People insult me.

They think that I am worth nothing.

It seems that I am only a worm,

and not a real man.

7 Everyone that sees me laughs at me.

They laugh and they shake their heads.

8 They say, ‘He should trust in the Lord!

Then the Lord will save him.

If the Lord is really happy with him,

the Lord will rescue him.’

9 Yes, Lord, you brought me safely to birth.

You took care of me at my mother's breasts.

10 From the day that I was born,

I was already in your care.

You have been my God since my mother gave birth to me.

11 So, do not stay far from me now.

Trouble is near to me,

and there is nobody to help me.

12 There is danger all round me,

like the strong bulls of Bashan.

I cannot move

because my enemies are close round me.

13 They open their mouths,

and they are ready to eat me!

They are like lions that tear their food into pieces.

14 My strength has gone,

like water that is poured away.

My bones do not hold me up.

My heart no longer has hope.

It is soft like butter.

15 My mouth has become dry,

like a piece of a broken pot.

My tongue sticks to my mouth.

You have left me down in the dirt,

as good as dead!

16 Wicked people are everywhere round me.

They are ready to attack me,

like a group of wild dogs.

They tear apart my hands and my feet.

17 My body is so thin

I can count all my bones.

My enemies look at me and they laugh.

They are happy because I have pain.

18 They have taken my clothes,

and they choose what they want for themselves.

They throw dice to decide who receives each piece.

19 But Lord, please do not stay far away from me!

You can make me strong again.

Please hurry to help me!

20 Keep me safe!

My enemies want to kill me with their swords.

Save my life from those wild dogs!

21 Do not let those lions eat me!

Keep me safe from the horns of those wild bulls!

I know that you have answered my prayer!

22 I will tell my people how great you are.

I will praise you when we meet together.

23 Everyone who serves the Lord must praise him!

All Jacob's descendants must respect him!

Yes, all Israel's people must worship him!

24 God did not forget to help the man who was in pain.

He did not turn away from the one who was in trouble.

When he called to God for help,

God answered his prayer.

22:24David talks about himself as ‘the man who was in pain’. David prayed and God answered him. Later, Jesus was also in pain. When Jesus prayed, God answered him too.

25 Yes, I will praise you, God,

in the great meeting of your people.

I will give to you what I have promised to give.

Everyone who serves the Lord will see that.

26 Poor people will have plenty of food to eat.

Those who turn to the Lord will praise him.

I pray that God will help you to live well for ever!

27 People everywhere in the world will respect the Lord.

They will turn to him for help.

Families from all nations will worship you.

28 The Lord rules as king over all the nations.

29 All the rich people on earth will bend down,

and they will worship God.

Everyone will die one day.

They must all bend down in front of God.

Nobody can keep himself alive.

30 Our children will also serve God.

And they will tell their children about our Lord.

31 They will speak about all the great things that God has done

to save his people.

People who have not yet been born

will learn about the things that God has done.

22:31Verses 27-31 tell us about what will happen one day because God is King of the whole earth.