Psalm 21

This is a song that David wrote for the music leader.

We thank God for his help

21:1In this Psalm, the king and his army thank God because he has helped them to win against their enemies.

1 Lord, the king is happy,

because you help him with your great strength.

You have helped him to win against his enemies,

so he is very happy.

21:1Probably David is talking about himself as the king.

2 You have given to him all the things

that he really wanted.

When he asked for them,

you have not refused to give them to him.


3 You came to him,

and you blessed him with many good things:

You put a crown on his head.

It was made from the best gold.

4 He asked you to keep his life safe,

and you gave to him a long life.

His descendants will continue for ever.

5 People praise him,

because you have helped him to win against his enemies.

You have caused him to rule as a great king.

6 You will continue to bless him for ever.

Because you are very near to him,

he is very happy.

7 The king trusts in the Lord.

Because of the Most High God's faithful love,

the king will never fail.

8 You will use your strong power

to take hold of your enemies.

21:8Probably ‘you’ in verses 8 to 12 means the king.

You will catch everybody that hates you.

9 When you come out to fight against them,

you will destroy them like a hot fire.

The Lord destroys them,

because you are angry with them.

10 You will remove your enemies' children from the earth.

They will no longer have any descendants.

11 They decided to hurt you.

They thought how they would do that.

But they could not do anything bad against you.

12 No! You shoot your arrows at them,

so that they turn round and they run away!

13 Get up, Lord, and show your strength!

We will sing to praise you

because you have great power.