Psalm 17

David wrote this prayer.

A prayer for help

1 Lord, please listen to me.

I am asking you to do something that is right.

I am speaking what is true,

so please do what I ask you to do.

2 Say clearly that I am not guilty.

You can see for yourself that I am right.

3 You look deep into my mind.

You check my thoughts at night.

When you test me,

you find nothing that is wrong.

I have decided that I will never tell any lies.

4 I have watched people do bad things.

But I have obeyed your commands.

I have not joined with cruel people

to do what they do.

5 No, I carefully follow your ways.

I do not turn away from them.

6 I pray to you, God,

because you will answer me.

Please listen to me when I pray to you.

7 Do great things that show your faithful love!

You have the power to keep people safe from their enemies.

You help them when they trust you for help.

8 Please keep me safe,

in the same way that people take care of their eyes.

Keep me near to you,

in the way that birds protect their babies under their wings.

9 Keep me safe from the wicked men who attack me.

My enemies are all around me,

and they want to kill me!

10 They refuse to be kind to anyone.

They speak proud words.

11 Now they have found me. They are ready to attack!

They look for their chance

to knock me down to the ground.

12 They are like hungry lions.

They want to tear me into pieces.

They are hiding like young lions.

They are ready to jump out and catch me!

13 Lord, please do something!

Fight against them! Knock them down!

Take your sword and save me from those wicked men.

14 Lord, use your power to save me from them.

They only think about this world,

and they enjoy the good things that it gives them.

So give them all that you have ready for them.

Give them more than they want!

May their children also have plenty,

and enough left to give to their children too.

15 As for me, Lord, I am not guilty of sin.

So I will see your face.

When I wake up, I will see you clearly,

and I will be really happy!