Psalm 15

15:0David had a house in Jerusalem for the Lord. It was a tent. People made it from goat skins. (Look at the end of Psalm 4) Holy means very, very good. Only God is really holy. David called his tent the house of the Lord. David thought that God lived in it. God is holy, so David said this made the hill of Zion holy too. People that loved the Lord came to his house. They asked, ‘Who can come into the house of the Lord?’ The answer is in verses 2-5. A priest of the Lord probably said it. A priest is a special servant of God. Psalm 15 says the same things today. If we want to live with the Lord, we must obey verses 2-5. Because God loves us, he will give us help. If we do not obey a rule, we must tell God that we are sorry. He will forgive us. This means that he will give our sins (the things that we do wrong) to Jesus. Jesus will take them away, and give us help to keep to his rules.

A Place for You

1 Lord, who will stay in your house?

Who will live on your holy hill?

2 He that is always:

– making no mistakes

– doing what is fair

– speaking in his heart what is true

3 He says nothing bad.

He does nothing wrong to his neighbours.

He does not call his brother a fool.

4 He does not like bad people,

but he does like the servants of the Lord.

He keeps his promises even when it costs a lot.

5 He does not lend money to get more money.

He does not take money to do what is not fair.

Nothing can ever move the man that does all this.

15:5The doing-words (called verbs) in Psalm 15:2 are different from those in Psalm 15:3-5. This is in the Hebrew Bible. David spoke Hebrew. He wrote Psalm 15 in Hebrew. The words in verse 2 tell us what believers are like on the inside. A believer is a person that believes in the Lord. We call them Christians today. Only God sees inside us. Verses 3-5 tells us what believers are like on the outside. This is what everyone sees. There is no temple today. Soldiers destroyed it about 2,000 years ago. Jesus told his friends that he would make them another house. It will be in heaven. Christians believe that Psalm 15 is about that house in heaven.