Psalm 149:1-9

The 4th Hallelujah Psalm

1 Hallelujah! Praise the Lord!

Sing a new song to worship the Lord.

When his own people meet together,

they should praise him.

2 People of Israel, be very happy,

because God made you.

People of Zion, be very happy,

because God is your king.

3 Yes, dance to praise the name of the Lord.

Take your harps and tambourines

and make music to praise him with your songs.

4 When the Lord's people serve him,

it makes him happy.

He is happy to help humble people,

so that people respect them.

5 The people who belong to God should be very happy,

because he has made them great.

They should always sing with joy,

even when they lie on their beds at night.

6 They should shout aloud to praise God,

while they hold sharp swords in their hands.

7 That is how they must fight against other nations,

to punish them for their sins.

8 They must tie up the foreign kings with chains,

and put the rulers in prison.

9 They must do that to punish their enemies

in the way that is right.

That is how God will cause his people to become great.

Hallelujah! Praise the Lord!