Psalm 147

The 2nd Hallelujah Psalm

1 Hallelujah! Praise the Lord!

It is good to sing to praise our God!

Yes, it is right to praise him and it makes us happy.

2 The Lord is building Jerusalem again.

He is bringing home the Israelite exiles.

3 He makes people who are very sad well again.

147:3God's people lived as exiles in Babylon for 70 years. Then he brought his people home to Jerusalem again. He helped them to be happy again.

He helps their wounds to get better.

4 He decided how many stars there should be in the sky.

He has given a name to each of them.

5 Our Lord is great and very powerful.

He understands everything!

6 The Lord gives help to poor people,

but he knocks down wicked people to the ground.

7 Offer a song to the Lord,

to thank him for what he has done.

Make music with a harp

to praise our God.

8 He fills the sky with clouds.

He sends rain to make the earth wet.

He causes grass to grow on the hills.

9 He gives food for the animals to eat.

He feeds the young ravens when they cry.

147:9A raven is a big, black bird.

10 If a horse is very strong,

that does not please him.

If a soldier is brave,

that does not make him happy.

11 Who does make the Lord happy?

People who respect him and serve him well.

People who trust him because they know he loves them.

12 Jerusalem's people, praise the Lord!

Yes, Zion's people, praise your God!

147:12God has given his people a city to live in. Zion was the special part of Jerusalem where God's Temple was built.

13 Praise him because he makes your city's gates strong.

He blesses the people who live there.

14 He causes your borders to be safe from your enemies.

He gives you lots of the best wheat to eat.

15 He sends his commands to reach all the earth.

Very soon the whole world knows what he wants.

16 He covers the earth with snow,

like a white blanket.

He puts white frost everywhere,

like ashes that the wind blows.

17 He throws hail from the sky,

like small stones.

When he sends a cold wind,

nobody can continue to stand.

18 Then he commands it all to melt.

He makes the warm wind blow,

and the ice becomes streams of water.

19 He sends his message to Jacob's descendants.

He gives his rules and laws to Israel's people.

147:19Israel is the name that God gave to Jacob. So Jacob's descendants and Israel's people both mean the Israelites.

20 He has not done that for any other nation.

They do not know his laws.

147:20At that time, only the Israelite people knew God's rules and laws. Now, everybody who has a Bible can know how God wants us to live.

Hallelujah! Praise the Lord!