Psalm 146

The 1st Hallelujah Psalm

146:1The last five psalms are called ‘The Hallelujah Psalms’. This is because they all start and end with the Hebrew word ‘Hallelujah’, which means ‘Praise the Lord!’ We have used both here.

1 Hallelujah! Praise the Lord!

I say to myself, ‘Praise the Lord!’

2 I will praise the Lord through all my life.

While I am alive, I will always sing to praise my God.

3 Do not trust in human leaders.

No human can save you.

4 When they die, they return to the ground.

On that day, their plans come to an end.

5 The person who knows that the God of Jacob will help him is a happy person!

146:5Jacob was the ancestor of the Israelites. ‘The God of Jacob’ means the God that Jacob worshipped. So it also means the God that the Israelites worshipped, who is the Lord.

If he trusts in the Lord as his God, he is happy.

6 The Lord made the skies, the earth and the sea.

He also made everything that is in them.

He always does what he has promised to do.

7 He helps poor people to receive justice.

He gives food to the hungry.

He makes people that are in a prison go free.

8 The Lord makes blind people see again.

The Lord lifts up people who have fallen down.

The Lord loves people who are righteous.

9 The Lord takes care of strangers who live among us.

He helps widows and children who have no family.

But he stops wicked people doing what they want.

10 The Lord will rule as king for ever!

Zion's people, he will always be your God

and your descendants' God.

Hallelujah! Praise the Lord!