Psalm 145

This is a song that David wrote to praise God.

An alphabet of praise

145:1This psalm is an alphabet poem. In the Hebrew language, each verse started with a letter of the Hebrew alphabet. We have used English letters here. There are 22 letters in the Hebrew alphabet, so we have left out 4 English letters.

1 Always I will praise you, my God and my king,

and I will say how great you are!

2 Because you are good, I will praise you every day.

Yes, I will always praise your name.

3 Clearly the Lord is great!

He is so great that we cannot understand it.

4 Down from father to son, people will praise you.

They will tell each other about the powerful things that you have done.

5 Everyone will speak about your glory and authority.

I also will think carefully about your great miracles.

6 Famous are the powerful things that you have done.

People will talk about them.

I also will speak about the great things that you do.

7 Good things are what everybody will remember about you.

They will sing about your justice.

8 How very kind the Lord is!

He is very patient and his faithful love continues.

9 It is the Lord who takes care of everybody.

He is kind to everything that he has made.

10 Join together to thank the Lord!

Everything that he has made will praise him.

Your own people will praise you, Lord!

11 King is who you are and your kingdom is great!

People will speak about your royal authority.

12 Let everyone agree that you do great things!

Let them say that you rule with great authority.

13 Many years your kingdom will remain, even for ever.

You will always rule your people and their descendants.

Nothing that the Lord promises is false.

He is kind in everything that he does.

145:13The second part of the verse with the letter N is not in all Hebrew Bibles.

14 Often people fall, but the Lord lifts them up.

He helps everyone who has trouble.

15 People look to you for help.

You give them food when they need it.

16 Ready to help, you open your hand.

You give to every living thing the good things that they want.

17 So the Lord is fair in all that he does.

He always shows how much he loves us.

18 The Lord is ready to help everyone who asks him.

He is near to everyone who prays honestly.

19 Very kindly he gives his own people the things that they need.

He saves them when they call to him for help.

20 Whoever loves the Lord, he keeps safe.

But he destroys wicked people.

21 Yes, I will praise the Lord!

Everyone who lives should praise his holy name for ever!