Psalm 144

This is a song that David wrote.

God is strong and we praise him

1 Lord, I praise you!

You are my strong Rock!

You teach me how to fight well.

You show me how to use my weapons.

2 You always love me.

You are the strong place where I am safe.

You save me from the power of my enemies.

You are like a shield for me.

I know that I am safe with you.

You give me power over nations.

144:2‘power over nations’ or ‘power over my people’.

3 Lord, why do you even think about men and women?

Why do you take care of humans?

4 People soon pass away, just like a breath.

Their life is like a shadow that soon goes.

5 Lord, open up the heavens!

Leave your home and come down to earth!

Touch the mountains so that they burn with smoke.

6 Send bright lightning to frighten your enemies.

Shoot your arrows at them

so that they run away.

144:6The lightning is like arrows that come from God.

7 Put your hand down from heaven,

and pick me out from the deep water.

144:7David feels like he is in deep and dangerous water, because his enemies are giving him a lot of trouble.

Save me from the power of foreign people.

8 Their mouths speak lies.

Even when they make a promise,

they are deceiving people.

9 I will sing to you a new song, God.

I will make music to you on my harp.

144:9David prays for help (maybe against Goliath and the Philistines). If God saves David from death by the sword, David will make music to the Lord.

10 You help kings to win against their enemies.

You also save me, your servant David, from my enemies,

when they try to kill me with their dangerous swords.

11 Keep me safe from the power of foreign people.

They speak lies.

Even when they make a promise, it is false.

12 When our sons are young,

may they grow quickly, like strong plants.

May our daughters become tall and beautiful,

like the beautiful pillars in a king's house.

13 May our homes have plenty of different kinds of food.

May our sheep have thousands of lambs,

so that there is no space in our fields.

14 May our cows become fat.

144:14‘May our cows become fat’ or ‘May our cows give birth to many babies’ or ‘May our bulls have heavy loads of food to carry’.

I pray that our enemies will never knock down our city's walls.

I pray that none of us will become their prisoners.

I pray that nobody will cry in our city's streets because they are afraid.

15 When God does that for a nation,

he has surely blessed those people!

If people know that the Lord is their God,

then God has blessed them!