Psalm 143

This is a song that David wrote.

Please help me, Lord!

143:1David wrote this psalm when he had trouble. Maybe this was when his son Absalom wanted to kill him. See 1 Samuel 15-19.

1 Lord, I pray to you for help.

Please listen to me.

Answer me, because you do what is right,

and I know that I can trust you.

2 Do not judge me, your servant.

Nobody is righteous when they stand in front of you.

3 My enemies are chasing me.

They knock me down to the ground.

They make me live in dark places,

like people who have been dead for a long time.

4 My strength is leaving me,

and I feel very upset.

5 I remember what happened many years ago.

I think carefully about all the good things that you have done.

6 I raise my hands to pray to you.

I need you to help me,

like dry ground needs rain.


7 Please answer me soon, Lord.

I am losing my strength.

Do not turn away from me.

If you do, I will join those people who are going down

into the deep hole of death.

8 Every morning, help me to remember your faithful love,

because I am trusting in you.

Show me how I should live to please you,

because I know that I belong to you.

9 Lord, save me from my enemies.

I run to you to keep me safe.

10 Teach me to do what pleases you,

because you are my God.

Let your kind Spirit lead me,

so that I can walk in a safe place.

11 Your name is great, Lord,

so please keep my life safe.

You do what is right,

so bring me out of my troubles.

12 I am your servant and you always love me.

Please show how much you love me,

and destroy my enemies.

Yes, kill all those who want to kill me!