Psalm 142:1-7

Please help me, Lord!

1 I am calling to the Lord to help me.

I ask him to be kind to me.

2 I tell him about all my problems.

I tell him about all my troubles.

3 When I do not feel brave,

you are still my guide, Lord.

In the path where I walk,

my enemies have prepared a trap to catch me.

4 Look at me!

I have no friend to help me.

There is no safe place where I can go.

Nobody thinks about me.

5 Yes Lord, I am calling to you to help me.

You are my safe place where I can hide.

You are all that I need in this world where I live.

6 Please listen to me as I cry to you.

I am very upset!

My enemies are trying to catch me.

Save me from their power!

They are stronger than I am.

7 Please take me out of this prison.

142:7The cave where David was hiding seemed like a prison to him. He could not leave safely unless God helped him.

Then I will praise your name.

Your own good people will see how you have helped me.

They will meet round me to praise you.