Psalm 140:1-13

Please help me, Lord

1 Lord, please save me from evil people.

Keep me safe from people who like to attack others.

2 They think of evil ideas to hurt people.

They only want to cause trouble!

3 Their words hurt people,

like the tongue of a snake.

They bite with poison,

like a dangerous snake.


4 Lord, keep me safe from the power of wicked people.

Keep me safe from violent people who want to attack me.

5 Proud people have prepared a trap to catch me.

They have put their nets across my path.

140:5People used traps and nets to catch animals and birds. These bad people wanted to catch David. It is like they hid their traps and nets to catch him.


6 Lord, I say to you, ‘You are my God.’

Lord, hear my prayer for help!

7 Lord, my Lord, you are my strong helper.

You keep me safe when I fight in a battle.

8 Lord, do not let wicked people do what they want to do.

Stop them when they prepare to attack.


9 Give trouble to the people who come round me to attack!

Let the bad things that they say against me

happen to them instead!

140:9David is praying. He wants the trouble that he has to go to his enemies instead.

10 Drop burning coals on them like rain!

Throw those people into the fire!

Let them fall into deep holes that they cannot get out of!

11 People who tell cruel lies should not live in our land.

Trouble will happen to people who like to fight.

Bad trouble will knock them down!

12 I know that the Lord helps poor people.

He makes sure that they receive justice.

13 Your righteous people will always praise you.

Good, honest people will live near to you.