Psalm 14

God rules the world

This is a song that David wrote for the music leader.

1 Only fools say to themselves, ‘There is no God.’

People like that do bad and evil things.

None of them do things that are good and right.

2 The Lord is looking down from heaven.

He looks at the people of the world,

to see if there are any wise people among them.

Is there anyone who wants to know God?

3 No! Everyone has turned away from God.

They have all become evil.

Not even one person does things that are right!

4 Will those evil people never learn?

They destroy my people,

as if they are eating a meal.

They never pray to the Lord.

5 Look at them! Now they are very afraid!

They see that God is with the people who serve him.

6 You wicked people tried to bring shame to poor people,

so that they could not do what they wanted.

But it is the Lord who keeps the poor people safe.

7 The Lord is the one who can save Israel's people.

Please Lord, come now from your home in Zion!

When the Lord makes his people strong again,

Jacob's descendants will be happy!

Yes, Israel's people will shout with joy!

14:7God gave to Jacob a new name, ‘Israel’. So Jacob's descendants and Israel's people mean the same people, the Lord's people.