Psalm 139

This is a song that David wrote.

It is for the music leader.

God understands me

139:1This psalm is in 4 parts:

Verses 1-6: God knows all about us.

Verses 7-12: We cannot hide from God.

Verses 13-18: God made us.

Verses 19-24: David prays about his enemies and himself.

1 Lord, you look deep inside me,

and you know all about me.

2 You know when I sit down,

and you know when I get up.

Even when you are far away,

you understand what I am thinking about.

3 You see me when I go out,

and you see me when I stay at home.

You know everything that I do!

4 Yes Lord, before I open my mouth to speak,

you know what I will say.

5 You are all around me, in front of me and behind me.

You put your hand on me to help me.

6 You know so much about me, it is wonderful.

I cannot understand it.

My thoughts cannot reach as high as that!

7 Is there anywhere that I can go

to run away from your Spirit?

Anywhere that I go, you are already there!

8 If I go up to heaven,

you would be there.

If I dig deep down into the ground to reach Sheol,

you would be there too.

9 If I fly away to where the sun rises in the east,

or to the other side of the sea in the west,

you would be there.

10 You would use your hand to lead me.

Your strong right hand would keep me safe.

11 I might say, ‘I will hide myself in the dark,

and the light round me will change into night.’

12 But it is never too dark for you to see.

For you, the night has as much light as the day.

Darkness and light are the same to you!

13 You made every part of me.

You made me grow inside my mother before I was born.

14 I thank you for the wonderful way that you have made me.

Everything that you do is wonderful!

I know it is true.

15 While you caused me to grow in a secret place,

none of my body was hidden from you.

You made me deep in the earth.

139:15‘A secret place’ and ‘deep in the earth’ mean inside his mother before he was born.

16 Your eyes watched me before I was born.

Before I had seen the light of day,

you decided how many days I would live!

You wrote it down in your book.

17 You have so many thoughts about me, God,

that I cannot understand them all.

18 They are too many for me to count,

more than the sand on the shore of the sea.

Even if I finished counting them,

you would still be there!

19 God, you should surely destroy the wicked people!

Yes, you murderers, leave me alone!

20 Those people say bad things against you, God.

Your enemies always tell lies.

21 Lord, I hate those people who hate you.

I have no time for those who turn against you.

22 Yes, I really hate them.

Your enemies are my enemies too.

23 Please God, look deep inside me.

See what is there in my thoughts.

24 Show me if I am following any evil way.

Lead me in the right way that has always been true.