Psalm 138:1-8

Thank God for who he is

1 I will thank you, Lord, with my whole being.

I will sing and praise you in front of the gods.

138:1‘gods’ or ‘angels’. David may be telling the false gods that the Lord is the only true God.

2 I look towards your holy temple,

and I bend down to worship you.

I thank you for who you are.

You love your people and they can always trust you.

You are more famous than anyone,

because you always do what you promise.

3 When I prayed to you, you answered me.

You made me brave and strong.

4 All the kings in the world will thank you, Lord,

when they hear the promises that you have made.

5 They will sing about the things that you have done,

because they see that you are great, Lord.

6 Yes, the Lord is high above the earth.

But he takes care of humble people.

He also knows what proud people are doing,

even if they try to hide.

138:6This is about two groups of people: humble people and proud people. God is high above us in heaven. But he can still see people who need help. He also sees the proud people. There is nowhere for them to hide.

7 When there is danger all round me,

you help me to be strong.

When my enemy is angry, you fight against him.

You save me with your strong right hand.

138:7God's ‘strong right hand’ means his power to work.

8 The Lord stands with me to do what he has promised.

Yes, Lord, your faithful love will always continue.

You have made us who we are,

so do not leave us now!