Psalm 134

134:0Perhaps the servants of the LORD wrote this psalm when there were kings in Judah. Perhaps they wrote it after they came back from Babylon in 536 BC. (BC means ‘years Before Christ came to the earth.’) There were no kings then. 1 Chronicles 25 tells us that there were servants in God's house all night. This psalm was for them. A note in Psalm 120 in this set explains ‘song for climbing.’

A Song at Night

This is a song for climbing.

1 Come, all you servants of the LORD that stand in his house at night.

And say good things to the LORD.

134:1We often translate ‘say good things’ as ‘bless.’ When God blesses us it means that he does good things to us. When we bless God, as in this psalm, we say good things to God.

2 Lift up your hands to where he lives.

And say good things to him.

134:2In verse 2, ‘to where he lives’ means ‘to his home in heaven.’

3 Say good things to the LORD in Zion.

He made the heaven and the earth.

134:3In verse 3, ‘heaven’ means ‘all the stars and the sky.’