Psalm 132:1-133:3

The house of God

1 Lord, remember King David and all his troubles.

2 He made a special promise to the Lord.

He promised you, the Mighty One of Jacob.

3 He said, ‘I will not go into my house or get into my bed.

4 I will not sleep even for a moment,

5 until I find a house for the Lord.

Yes, the Mighty One of Jacob needs a proper home.’

132:5David wanted God to have a proper home. He wanted to build a Temple for the Lord. God told him that his son, Solomon, would build the Temple. ‘The Mighty One of Jacob’ is another name for God.

6 Listen! We heard the news at Ephrathah.

132:6Ephrathah is another name for Bethlehem.

We found God's Covenant Box in the fields of Jaar.

7 We will go to the Lord's house.

We will worship him on his throne.

8 Now Lord, come in to your home and live here!

Bring the special box that shows your strength.

132:8They brought the Covenant Box to Jerusalem before they built the Temple. They put it in a special tent (the tabernacle). When the Temple was built, they put God's Covenant Box in the inside room, the Most Holy Place.

9 I pray that your priests will be righteous.

I pray that those who serve you will be happy and shout loudly.

10 Remember your servant, King David.

Do not turn away from your special chosen king.

132:10The word for ‘special chosen king’ is ‘Messiah’ in the Hebrew language. Jesus was King David's great descendant who became king for ever.

11 The Lord made a strong promise to David.

He will not change what he has promised to do.

The Lord said,

‘I will put one of your sons on your throne to rule as king.

12 If your sons obey my covenant and my rules,

their descendants will rule for ever.’

13 The Lord has chosen Zion to be his home.

14 He said, ‘This is where I will live for ever.

This is where I want my home to be.

15 I will cause Zion's people to have everything that they need.

The poor people will have plenty of food to eat.

16 I will keep Zion's priests safe.

The people who serve God will shout loudly,

because they are so happy.

17 There I will give strength to King David's family.

My chosen king will continue to rule well,

like a light that shines brightly.

132:17The word for ‘chosen king’ is ‘Messiah’ in the Hebrew language. Jesus was called ‘the light of the world’.

18 I will cause his enemies to be ashamed.

But his own kingdom will be great!’

Psalm 133

A song to sing as we climb.

David wrote this song.

1 It is good for a family to live together in peace.

Yes! It brings great pleasure!

2 It brings pleasure like valuable olive oil

that is poured on your head,

and it goes down on to your beard.

They poured it on to Aaron's head and his beard,

and it went down on to his clothes.

133:2Aaron was Moses' brother. He was the first priest that God chose to serve him. When they chose a new priest, they poured olive oil on his head to show that he was a special servant of God.

3 It brings pleasure like the dew on Hermon.

133:3Dew is water that comes on to the ground at night. It helps plants to grow when there is no rain. Hermon is in the north of the land of Israel.

It makes the mountains of Zion become wet.

133:3Zion was the hill in Jerusalem where they built God's Temple.

That is the place where the Lord has promised to bless his people.

He blesses them with life for ever.