Psalm 130

A song to sing as we climb.

I have great trouble

1 Lord, I am crying aloud to you

because I am in deep trouble.

2 My Lord, please listen to me!

I am asking you to be kind and help me.

3 Lord, if you write down all our sins,

nobody could stand as a righteous person.

4 But you forgive people for their sins,

and so we serve you.

130:4If God could not forgive us for our sins, we would still be guilty. Nobody would be able to come to God and say that they are righteous. Because God is so kind and he forgives us, we serve him and we worship him as a great God.

5 I will wait for the Lord to help me.

I trust him completely.

So I wait for him to do what he has promised.

6 I want the Lord to come and help me,

more than a guard at night wants the morning to come.

Yes, I want the Lord to come quickly, even more than that.

7 Israel's people, trust the Lord to help you.

The Lord has faithful love for his people.

He is always ready to save them.

8 He will save Israel's people from all their sins.