Psalm 130

A song to sing as we climb.

I have great trouble

1 Lord, I am crying aloud to you

because I have great trouble.

2 My Lord, please listen to me!

I am asking you to be kind and help me.

3 Lord, if you should write down all our sins,

nobody could stand as a righteous person.

4 But you forgive people for their sins,

and so we give you honour.

5 I will wait for the Lord to help me.

I trust him completely.

So I wait for him to do what he has promised.

6 I want my Lord to come and help me,

more than a guard at night wants the morning to come.

Yes, I want my Lord to come quickly, even more than that.

7 Israel's people, trust the Lord to help you.

The Lord has faithful love for his people.

He is always ready to save them.

8 He will save Israel's people from all their sins.