Psalm 13

This is a song that David wrote for the music leader.

A prayer for help

13:1David says that he believes that God will keep him safe. But sometimes it is difficult to trust God. Then he becomes very sad. By the end of the psalm, David knows that God will help him.

1 Lord, will you forget about me for ever?

When will you remember to come and help me?

2 My thoughts make me worry all the time.

How long must I continue to be sad?

How long will my enemies continue to win against me?

3 Lord, please listen to me!

I feel that I am nearly dead.

Please give me the strength to live!

4 If I die, my enemies will say,

‘We have won against him!’

My enemies will be very happy if I fall.

5 But I will trust you because of your faithful love.

Please make me safe,

so that I can be happy and thank you.

6 Yes, I will sing to praise the Lord,

because he will surely help me.