Psalm 128

A song to sing as we climb.

A happy family

1 If anyone respects the Lord

and they obey his commands,

God has blessed them!

2 You will eat the food that you have worked hard to grow.

You will have everything that you need.

You will be happy!

3 Your wife will be like a vine that grows in your home,

and it gives many grapes.

Your sons will sit round your table,

like the branches of an olive tree that are round you.

128:3Both word-pictures mean that you will have a happy family, with many children. An olive tree has many branches.

4 Yes, if anyone respects the Lord,

that is how God blesses them.

5 The Lord rules from Zion,

and I pray that he will bless you.

128:5Zion is the hill in the middle of Jerusalem. Solomon built God's house, the temple, on Mount Zion. For many Christians, Zion is like a picture of heaven, where God lives.

Then you will see that Jerusalem is a good place to live in

for as long as you live.

6 I pray that you will live to see your grandchildren.

May Israel have peace!