Psalm 124

124:0Some Bible students think that David wrote this psalm when he was fighting the Philistines. The Philistines lived west of David's people, Israel. David thought that the Philistines would win, but they did not. God gave David and his people help. Later, Hezekiah and Nehemiah may have used this psalm. God gave them all help to beat their enemies. The psalm says that if God had not given his people help, the enemy would have destroyed them.

The LORD Sent Help

This is a song for climbing by David.

1 If the LORD was not fighting for us – now Israel say it:

124:1Verse 1: LORD is the covenant name of God. The notes in Psalm 120 explain what this means.

2-5 if the LORD was not fighting for us when men attacked:

· they would have eaten us alive because they were so angry,

· waters would have rushed over us

and a deep river would be over our heads,

· the angry waters would have gone over our heads and drowned us.

124:2-5Verses 2-5: ‘Eaten us alive’ is like a picture that means ‘destroyed us.’ The waters, deep river and angry waters are all like pictures of the enemy.

6 We will say good things to the LORD.

He did not let them eat us.

124:6Verse 6: Again, ‘eat us’ means ‘destroy us.’

7 We are free and still alive, like a bird that got out of a trap.

The trap became broken and we are free.

124:7Verse 7: A trap is something to catch an animal or bird in. David felt that Israel was in a trap. But God made them free! Their enemies wanted to eat (destroy) Israel. This means that they wanted to kill the people of Israel. But God did not let them do it. It is a word-picture. Another word-picture is the river in verses 2-5. If God had not sent help, the river would have drowned Israel. The enemy was not a river. But the river was like a picture of what the enemy could do.

8 The name of the person that sent us help is the LORD.

He made heaven and earth.

124:8This is how the Jews said the psalm. A man at the front said the beginning of verse 1. He then said, ‘Now Israel say it.’ And they repeated what he said, and then the rest of the psalm.