Psalm 124

A song to sing as we climb.

David wrote this song.

124:0David may have written this psalm when he was fighting the Philistines. David thought that the Philistines would win, but they did not. God gave David and his people help. The psalm says that if God had not helped his people, the enemy would have destroyed them.

1 If the Lord was not fighting for us,

what would have happened?

Israel's people, now answer:

2 ‘If the Lord was not fighting for us when men attacked us,

3 our enemies would have eaten us alive!

124:3‘Eaten us alive’ is like a picture that means ‘destroyed us’.

They would have destroyed us,

because they were so angry against us.

4 They would have been too strong for us,

like rivers of waters that covered us,

5 They would have been like deep water over our heads

that drowned us.

124:5The rivers and deep water are pictures of the power of the enemy.

6 We should praise the Lord!

He did not let our enemies destroy us,

like wild animals that kill their food and eat it.

7 Now we have become free,

like a bird that got free out of a trap.

Our enemies lost their power, and we are free!

124:7A trap is something to catch an animal or bird in. David felt that Israel was in a trap. But God made them free!

8 The one who helped us is the Lord.

He made the whole universe.’