Psalm 121:1-122:9

Only God can keep me safe

121:1If you travelled to Jerusalem, you would go through dangerous places. There might be robbers in the hills. God is the only one who can keep us safe. He is always awake and he is always ready to help us.

1 As I travel, I look up towards the hills.

I will find no help there.

2 My help comes from the Lord.

He made the heaven and the earth.

3 He will take care of you,

so that you do not fall.

The one who keeps you safe will not sleep.

4 Yes! The Lord keeps Israel's people safe.

He never gets tired or sleeps at all!

5 The Lord is the one who keeps you safe.

He is very near to you.

He will give you shade from the hot sun.

6 The hot sun will not hurt you in the daytime.

At night, the moon cannot hurt you.

7 The Lord is the one who takes care of you in all danger.

He keeps your life safe.

8 Whatever you do and wherever you go,

the Lord will always keep you safe,

now and for ever.

Psalm 122

A song to sing as we climb.

David wrote this song.

1 It made me very happy when people said to me,

‘We will go to the house of the Lord.’

122:1‘The house of the Lord’ was a tent when David was alive. Later, they built a stone temple to be God's house.

2 Now we have arrived!

We are standing inside your gates, Jerusalem!

3 Jerusalem is a strong city where many people can meet together.

4 Israel's tribes who belong to the Lord go up there.

122:4There were 12 tribes in Israel. They were God's special people.

They go there to thank the Lord,

as he has commanded them.

5 Israel's leaders sit there to judge the people.

They sit on the thrones of King David's descendants.

6 Pray that there will be peace in Jerusalem.

Pray that people who love Jerusalem will be safe.

7 Yes, I pray that there will be peace inside the city's walls.

I pray people will be safe in their strong houses.

8 Because of my family and my friends I will pray,

‘Please let there be peace in Jerusalem.’

9 Because of the house of the Lord our God,

I will pray for good things to happen in Jerusalem.