Psalm 121

121:0If you travelled from home to Jerusalem, you would go through dangerous places. You would need someone to protect you. ‘Protect you’ means ‘stop somebody hurting you.’ There was no help in the hills (verse 1). Instead, there was danger! People that robbed you hid in the hills. But there was someone to send help: the LORD! (See verses 2-7.) He made the heaven (the sky and the stars) and the earth. Also, he would protect you and be the one that guards you. He never sleeps, so he never stops guarding you (verses 3, 4). He guards you from dangers that you know about. He guards you from dangers that you do not know about, (verse 7). He guards you as you go out and on your way home, (verse 8). He is always there to give you help. ‘Guard you’ means ‘stop people hurting you.’ ‘Not let your foot slip’ (verse 3) means ‘not let you fall.’ ‘Certain’ is another word for ‘sure.’

LORD is a special name for God. It is his covenant name. A covenant is when two or more people agree together. God agreed to protect his people if they obeyed him. ‘Protect you’ means ‘stop people hurting you.’

No Help from the Hills

This is a song for climbing.

1 When I look up to the hills I find no help there.

2 My help comes from the LORD.

He made the heaven and the earth.

3 He will not let your foot slide.

The one that guards you will not sleep.

4 It is certain that he will not sleep.

The one that guards Israel will never sleep.

5 The LORD is the one that guards you.

The LORD is near you to protect you.

6 The sun will not hurt you in the day,

nor the moon at night.

7 The LORD is the one that guards you from all danger.

He is the one that guards your life.

8 The LORD guards you when you go out.

And he guards you when you come in.

He will do this now and always.