Psalm 120:1-7

Lord, please help me

120:1Psalms 120-134 are called ‘Climbing Songs’. People probably sang them as they went towards God's Temple in Jerusalem. The Temple was high up, so people had to walk up the hill, like they were climbing. When people sang these songs, they were preparing to worship God in his Temple.

1 I cried to the Lord to help me in my trouble.

He answered me.

2 I prayed, ‘Lord, keep me safe from people who tell lies.

Save me from people who want to deceive me.’

3 How will God punish you,

you people who deceive others?

He will punish you properly!

4 Yes, the sharp arrows of a soldier will hurt you.

They will give you pain, like wood that burns with fire.

5 I am so sad! I live in Meshek as a stranger.

I live among the people of Kedar.

6 I have lived too long with people that hate peace.

7 I want to live here in peace.

But when I say this, they only want war!