Psalm 11:1-7

Trust the Lord to keep you safe

1 I have run to the Lord to keep me safe.

So do not say this to me:

‘Fly away like a bird to the hills!

11:1David's friends are telling him to run away from his enemies. But David is trusting God to keep him safe.

2 See what the wicked people are doing!

They are preparing their bows and arrows.

They are hiding in dark places,

to shoot their arrows at good, honest people.

3 When the law no longer has authority,

righteous people can do nothing!’

4 The Lord is in his holy temple.

He rules from his throne in heaven.

He carefully watches what people are doing.

He knows about each person.

5 The Lord watches both good people and wicked people.

Good people please him,

but he hates wicked people and cruel people.

6 He will send hot coal and sulphur

to fall like rain on wicked people.

A dangerous wind will be the punishment that they deserve.

7 The Lord always does what is right.

He loves people to do good things.

Those who do what is right will know that God loves them.