Psalm 119:81-88


81 As I wait for you to save me,

I feel tired and weak.

I trust in your word.

82 As I wait for you to do what you have promised,

my eyes are too tired to stay open.

I ask, ‘When will you come to help me?’

83 I am like an old wineskin that has become useless.

But I have not forgotten your rules.

84 As your servant, help me to be patient.

Please punish the people who want to hurt me.

Please do it soon.

85 Proud people want to catch me in their traps.

That is against your Law!

86 I know that I can trust all your commands,

but people still give me trouble with their lies.

Quickly, help me!

87 People here on earth have almost destroyed me,

but I continue to obey your teaching.

88 Please use your faithful love to keep me alive.

Then I can continue to obey the rules that you have taught me.