Psalm 119:33-40


33 Lord, help me to understand your teaching.

Then I will always obey it.

34 Explain your Law to me, then I will obey it.

I will always love to do what it says.

35 Help me to live in a way that respects your commands.

That is what makes me very happy.

36 Help me to love your rules.

That is better for me than riches.

37 Turn my eyes away from useless things.

Use your word to help me to live.

38 I am your servant.

Please do what you have promised to do.

You have promised to bless anyone who respects you.

39 I am afraid when people insult me.

Your rules are good,

so do not let me be ashamed.

40 I really want to obey your rules.

Because you are righteous,

please let me continue to live.