Psalm 119:169-176


169 Listen to me, Lord,

as I call to you for help!

Help me to understand your word.

170 I ask you to be kind to me,

so please listen!

Keep me safe,

as you have promised to do.

171 I will always speak aloud to praise you,

because you teach me your rules.

172 I will sing about your message,

because all your commands are righteous.

173 Please be ready to help me,

because I choose to obey your teaching.

174 Lord, I am waiting for you to save me.

Please do it soon!

Your Law makes me very happy.

175 Keep my life safe,

so that I can praise you.

Use your laws to give me help.

176 I have left the right way.

Come to make me safe again,

like a shepherd looks for his lost sheep.

Help me, your servant,

because I have not forgotten your commands.