Psalm 119:153-160


153 Look at my pain and trouble!

Please save me,

because I do not forget your Law.

154 Stand with me and make me free.

Keep me safe,

as you have promised to do.

155 Wicked people do not obey your rules,

so their lives will never be safe.

156 Lord, you are very kind.

Please do what is right,

and keep my life safe!

157 I have many enemies

who are ready to hurt me.

But I do not turn away from your teaching.

158 When I see people who have turned against you,

they make me very upset.

They do not obey your commands.

159 See how I love your teaching, Lord!

Please keep my life safe,

because of your faithful love for your people.

160 I can trust that your message is true.

All your righteous rules will continue for ever.