Psalm 119:145-152


145 With my whole being, I call to you,

‘Answer me, Lord!

I will obey your commands.’

146 I say to you, ‘Save me,

so that I can obey your rules.’

147 I wake up before dawn

and I cry to you for help.

I trust your promises to be true.

148 I am awake during each night,

and I think carefully about your message.

149 You love me with a faithful love,

so please listen to me!

Lord, do what is right,

and keep my life safe.

150 People who love to do evil things

are ready to attack me.

They have no interest in your Law.

151 Lord, you are near to me,

and I can trust all your commands.

152 I have studied your teaching since long ago.

I know that you have made it to remain for ever.