Psalm 119:121-128


121 I have done what is fair and right.

Do not leave me alone

so that my cruel enemies can hurt me.

122 Promise to take care of me, your servant.

Do not let proud people hurt me.

123 I have been waiting a long time for you to save me.

My eyes have become tired.

I am waiting for you to save me,

as your true promise has said.

124 Please be kind to me, your servant,

so that I see your faithful love.

Continue to teach me your laws.

125 I am your servant. Help me to be wise,

so that I can understand your rules.

126 It is time for you to do something, Lord,

because people have turned against your Law.

127 That is why I love your commands.

They are more valuable to me than the purest gold.

128 That is why I carefully obey your teaching.

I hate everything that is false.