Psalm 119:113-120


113 I hate hypocrites,

but I love your Law.

114 You are the safe place where I can hide.

You keep me safe like a soldier's shield.

I know that I can trust your word.

115 Go away from me, you evil people!

I will obey my God's commands.

116 Help me to be strong, Lord,

as your word promises.

Do not let me be ashamed because of my hope.

117 Please help me so that I will be safe.

Then I will always obey your commands.

118 You refuse people who turn away from your laws.

You do not accept them,

because they speak lies to deceive people.

119 The wicked people in the world are like rubbish to you.

So I choose to obey your rules.

120 I respect your great strength,

so that my body shakes with fear.

I am afraid of the laws by which you judge people.