Psalm 119:1-8


119:1Psalm 119 is the longest Psalm. There are 22 parts. Each part has 8 verses. Every line of each part starts with one letter of the Hebrew alphabet. The first letter of the Hebrew alphabet is Aleph. Each line of the first part begins with Aleph. Each line of the second part begins with Beth, the second letter of the Hebrew alphabet. It probably made it easier for people to remember the Psalm. We have not made it an alphabet poem in English.

1 God has blessed people who always do what is right.

They obey the Lord's Law.

2 They agree to live by his rules.

119:2This Psalm uses many different words to talk about God's message to us. We do not have the same words in English as the Psalm has in the Hebrew language. But the different English words help us to see that the Bible, God's word, teaches us in many different ways. The Psalm talks about God's Law, his rules, his commands, his message, his teaching, his word and his promises. Every part of the Psalm uses many of these different words. The different words tell us about the many ways that God has spoken to us. He has shown us the right way to live. He has told us what makes him happy.

They love to pray to him.

God has blessed people like that.

3 Also, they do nothing that is wrong.

They live in a way that please the Lord.

4 You, Lord, have told us to obey your teaching carefully.

5 I want to be able to obey your laws all the time.

6 When I remember all your commands,

I will not be ashamed.

7 When I learn your good rules,

I will do what is right and I will thank you.

8 Yes, I will obey your laws.

Please do not turn away from me!